A Bit About Me

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Hello...my name is Jenny Ramirez, and in 2013 I embarked on this adventure --> making, sharing and later selling my photography in a unique way. 

It started in my late teens I suppose when I was sitting alone on a bench with a camera and a longing heart. I was a hopeful young girl (like most) who saw something beautiful taking place- a sunset. I snapped and made a special wish that by the way came true in 2010. I gave this picture the name, The Wish, and placed it in my teenage room to often admire.

I continued snapping away... always trying to recapture that first special photo. In my mid-twenties, I decided to print copies of my favorite pictures and place them all in a shoebox. No specific plan was set for these collected pictures at the time, but I sincerely knew something was brewing. Eventually the shoebox collection expanded into a bigger shoebox, and I often wondered why I continued to secretly collect my favorites.

Around my early thirties, I suddenly (and happily) knew what I could do with these beautiful pictures that sat unused in my shoeboxes. I began to use these photos to create special greeting cards for close loved ones.  The feeling of choosing the perfect picture for the right person while adding some special words to complete the gift was simply the best!

Even more wonderful was seeing the reactions of those who received my special cards. Many smiled, teared up, or laughed, depending on the occasion but all simply appreciated the effort and uniqueness of the card. They knew it was a card created just for them and that made it more special, more rewarding.

As time passed, many continued complimenting, thanking and framing (which was amazing to see by the way) and then suggesting (strongly suggesting) that I begin to make more and sell these. Many began to insist on it, and I suppose I knew all along my shoebox collection was intended for this, and... so I did. 

My first official event was in 2013 at the Hoboken Music & Arts Festival, and it was such a sweet success! I was a bunch of nerves and exhausted at the end of that first day, but I was and am still filled with excitement, ideas and more.

Now, I can't find enough time in the day to keep up with all the work, but nothing makes me happier in this new business than seeing smiling and pleased customers!  

In brief, you should know the following about my small business: my business was established in March of 2013. My specialty is in the area of making personalized greeting cards using my original photography.  My regular customers particularly value the SCRABBLE collection of photos because special names or words can be created especially for their loved ones.  

If you have any questions, comments or orders, please email me at justjennyslove@gmail.com  

‚ÄčThank you so very much for stopping by!

Much Love,

Just Jenny x

The Wish

 Here is the picture that started it all...The date on the back says July 3, 1997, and I even gave it the title THE WISH...  x